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Dec 18th
12:20 PM

Wheel! Of! Christmas! Surfjam Stephanopolus leads the crowd in a song “from some musical” in Boston, MA.

Dec 17th
3:11 PM

Did you know that Sufjan released this song (along with most of his original songs on Silver & Gold) into the public domain?

1:30 PM

Wheel! Of! Christmas! Sing “Sleigh Ride” with Sufjan in Los Angeles, CA.

Dec 16th
1:30 PM

Wheel! Of! Christmas! Sing along with “Jingle Bells” in New York, NY.

1:52 AM


It’s definitely a good time to revisit (or discover!) the music video for “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

Dec 15th
1:30 PM

Wheel! Of! Christmas! Waltz your way through “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with a joyful thanksgiving in Cleveland, OH.

12:16 AM

“Tonya Harding” by Sufjan Stevens Review | Pitchfork

Here, Sufjan doesn’t draw any new conclusions about Harding’s story or aim to present her in a different light. Instead, he offers a simple tribute, as just one troubled American singing to another.

“Tonya Harding” is a Best New Track!

Dec 14th
1:30 PM

Wheel! Of! Christmas! Join Sufjan and friends for a little “Joy to the World” in Buffalo, NY.

1:24 AM

Sufjan Stevens Nearly Played The Narrator In Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me By Your Name”


“I wrote two new songs for the film, and when I wrote them I hadn’t seen any footage, so I wasn’t sure how he [Luca] was going to use them at all. I just handed them over and had to trust that he would know what to do. And, of course, having seen all his films, and how masterful he is with music, there was no question in my mind he would be responsible about it.


“I feel like the universe is in charge here, or maybe it’s testament to Luca’s mastery as a director that he is so good at conducting other artists to get the best out of them. I don’t know how he does it but he’s a real prophet in that way. I think he’s an essentialist, but he’s also so technically astute. He has a very keen eye for truth, and you never really question his vision or authority. He’s also a great scholar, and a great film scholar, but you never feel like his knowledge gets in the way of his work.”

-Sufjan Stevens


New interview with Sufjan about Call Me By Your Name, with some discussion of Carrie & Lowell as well.

Dec 13th
10:54 PM


Do you want a copy of The Greatest Gift on CD? Asthmatic Kitty has a lottery of sorts you can enter for an opportunity to purchase the album burned to a CD-R with some unique artwork.